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NeZha Bros. Pictures founded in 2016 along with its wholly-subsidiary company Lightriver Culture & Media. Nezha Bros. Pictures. is an independent production company focusing on creating and producing outstanding film with decent content. NeZha Bros. Pictures commits to assemble the new force in Chinese language films to invest, discover, and produce films with artistic quality and market competitiveness. Nezha Bros. is growing to be an independent production company with unique style and outstanding performance.

Nezha Bros. Pictures’ first production, Have A Nice Day is selected by 2017 Berlin International Film Festival, Competition section. It also won the prize of the Best Animated Feature Film in 54th Golden Horse Awards. The second production, Ghost in the Mountain, is selected by the Panorama section. Thus, Nezha Bros. Pictures becomes the first Chinese production company which has two films entering Berlinale at the same year.

Press Release

Script development
& production

We develop a film from idea to script,
from script to final production with
profession, patient, keen sense,
and creative talents in film industry.


With understanding of both creativity
and business, embracement, sincerity,
and open-minded communication,
we make sure the win-win condition
of both the creation and finance.

Film Event Programing

Programing film culture events in a special
perspective. Basing on close observation of
the film ecology in China we devoted to
activating Chinese film culture, providing
a platform for new film talents, and taking
the social responsibility of a film company.


Liu Jian

The main work:Have A Nice Day

Yang Heng

The main works: BetelnutSun SpotsLake August

Yan Xiaolin

The main works:The Years I Watch Hong Kong Movies, A Family With Troubles

Liu Jian

The main work:Have A Nice Day

Graduated from the Nanjing University of the Arts and works in modern Art. Liu serves as associated professor of China Academy of Art. In 2007 he established the Le-joy Animation Studio. His first feature-length animation work, PIERCING I (Citong wo, 2010), has received numerous prestigious awards at film festivals across Asia and Europe, including I Castelli Animati festivalFabrizio Bellocchio award,Anncey International Animation Film festival competition. In 2017, his second feature-length animation work, Have A Nice Day (Hao Ji Le, 2017) premiered in Berlin International Film Festival competition. It is the first time for feature length Chinese Animated enter the “Big Three.” And it received high reputation from different famous festivals and prestigious film critics.


Yang Heng

The main works: BetelnutSun SpotsLake August

A Tujia ethnic minority director who graduated from Beijing Film Academy. The main works include BetelnutSun SpotsLake August, etc. He has won the New Currents Award of Busan International Film Festival, and the New Director Award of the Festival of the Three Continents. In 2017, his film Ghost in the Mountain premiered in Berlin International Film Festival, Panorama section.


Yan Xiaolin

The main works:The Years I Watch Hong Kong Movies, A Family With Troubles

Graduated from Nanjing University of Finance and Economics. Worked as producer of different TV shows. After some short films, Yan finished his first feature film The Years I Watch Hong Kong Films with an extreme low budget. His second film A Family with Troubles is in preproduction.

Team Members

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Yang Cheng


Yang Cheng (born in 1985) graduated from Beijing Film Academy with a MFA in Literature. Yang worked as the president of Heaven Picture, the vice president of Laurel Films,and founded Nezha Bros Pictures in 2016.

Worked as film journalist and critics for various mainstream professional film magazines. Wrote for film magazines at Venice, Berlin International Film Festival and etc.

Co-founded “Rear Window Film” art film marketing organization in 2013. And co-founded Blow Up Film” the first distribution company with concentration on art films in Mainland.