The years I watch Hong Kong movies

  • Director: Yan Xiaolin
  • Screenwriter: Yan Xiaolin

Hong Kong films have an enormous influence on Lu Lin’s growth. Hong Kong films also accompanied him through the transition from childish to mature.

Lover in Paradise

  • Director: Yang Heng
  • Screenwriter: Yang Heng

A Woman, passing by four men; four men, looking for a woman. Five people lost in a space between reality and dream.

A Family with Troubles

  • Director: Yan Xiaolin
  • Screenwriter: Yan Xiaolin

A series of complicated stories happen within two days among 19 members of the same family.

Art College

  • Director: Liu Jian
  • Screenwriter: Liu Jian/Lin Shan

The Youth anecdote in 90’s of the Southern Art College art students, Zhang Xiaojun and Tuzi.