China Top Short Project

China Top Short Project is the only short film activity which contains production support,screening, competition, distribution, forum, salon, workshop, film archive, and publish. “Linglong Tower” commits to serve for the Mainland short film creation and profession, trigger the potential of filmmakers through short films, re-enhance film industry attention on short films, and establish a platform for new talents to shiny.


“Linglong” means essential and exquisite in Chinese. “Tower” is an architecture with serious and stable structure.
“Linglong Tower” is the best description of outstanding short films.

In our point of view, short films are not touchstone but golds.



Chinese film market is developing rapidly, but there are problems on filmmaking. The reason is that the industry’s ignorance of serious short films. Short films made in college are unable to level up from “assignments” to “film works.” Recent years the popularity of “microfilm” is marginalizing the short film filmmaking rapidly. China Top Short Project means to provide a comprehensive system including short film filmmaking, distribution, collection, research, and publication to re-catch the industry’s attention on short films, and to improve filmmakers motivation and standards on short film filmmaking.



China Top Short Project is a non-profit and open-minded culture project which is open to be supervised by all participants.



1. Filmmaking: 10 selected short film projects each year, supported with budget, film crew, and other resources.

2. Distribution& Exhibition: supported by professional curating and film exhibition to provide professional and deep communication, and film festival and distribution worldwide. Meanwhile, we will curate professional screenings of international classic short films.

3. Archive and publication: Establish Chinese Short Film Archive with China Academy of Art to archive and organized Chinese language short films and publish “Chinese Language Short Film Annual”



1. Re-catch industry’s attention on short film filmmaking.

2. Activate serious short film filmmaking in Mainland Area.

3. Improve short film filmmaking standards.

4. Call on outstanding professional actors, cinematographers, art directors, colorists and etc. to support and participate in short films.

5. Advocate for the short film screenings in theaters.

6. Encourage mainland film festivals to have Best Short Film awards.


China Top Short Project will start officially on February 2018, and will start collecting films.